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Joyce Piper, A.R.C.T
You have heard that the study of music and art enhances academic learning but are not sure you can fit it into your schedule?

You can't read a note of music yourself? Or perhaps you can, but you would not dream of trying to teach your child music?

You have always wanted to learn a musical instrument but figured you just are not "musical enough?"

Your child wants to take music lessons but you are not sure you can afford the time or the money?

Not sure you or they will "stick with it?"

• ...being able to play an instrument because you understand the language of music.

• ...enhancing your child's academic learning skills.

• ...getting the benefits of private music lessons at a fraction of the cost.

You can do all this and more with the help
of the JoyNotes in Action home study course!

This innovative and practical music course can be taught and used by those with or without a musical background.

Joyce Piper, Joy•Notes' founder, believes that the world of music is within the reach of anyone who desires it. Music speaks to the spirit. This course delivers the tools to discover and achieve musicianship - regardless of the age of the student.

The musical language skills gained through the Joy•Notes course provide the foundation for all instruments, including the voice. The ability to read and understand the musical language opens up a rewarding and beautiful appreciation for God's gift of music.

By learning the language of music with a piano keyboard, the student has the added benefit of "seeing" the music in "black and white."

Beginning with the very first lesson, the student will:
1. learn to hear, see, and feel music simultaneously
2. learn to see patterns in music notation
3. learn that the staff lines are simply a visual picture of music in any form and on any instrument and they will learn how to understand those "pictures"
4. be taught the skill of understanding musical language such that they will be able to go on to play any musical instrument, including the vocal chords
5. learn to play both hands together
6. will be taught in such a way that they will not get hung up on "note names" or complicated counting instructions
7. will learn proper hand and finger positions for piano
8. will lay the foundation for quicker learning at higher levels once they graduate from the Joy•Notes course.

The step-by-step Joy•Notes method literally takes you by the hand and walks you through the simplified process of learning and teaching the language of music.

Here is what some of our students and instructors have said about the Joy•Notes in Action home study music course:

"JoyNotes is the best curriculum for teaching basic instruction. It is the only curriculum available for use by non-musician parents. Joyce's approach doesn't rely on all those complicated terms and tricks most of us had to deal with, but has a fresh approach incorporating visual, auditory, and hands on involvement."
Bill Waring, BA (Educ)
Masters of Music in Conducting

"What relief when I discovered how to read music as its own language!  I am now more confident in my own abilty."

Adult Student

"Joy Notes is a much simpler method of learning. As an adult learner, I find myself looking for complexity where it doesn't exist. Through your methods of learning from errors, your patience, and your contagious love of music, my appreciation for music and my desire to learn have been rekindled."

Susan Wayne
Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for taking the pain away each time I picked up a new piece to play. Your unique method of reading music and understanding patterns made me view the piano in a different light. I truly believe that this is the phonics of music you are teaching. I am no longer confused by note letter identification and hand position. Your style is simple yet still effective."

Wanda Post
V.P. Administration R.T.I.

"Very satisfying - I spend more time now at the piano than ever!  There must be many other students who have experienced the frustration I have, who could be finding more enjoyment learning!"


To read more testimonials, click here

The Joy•Notes in Action course covers approximately two years of instruction, depending on the amount of time spent in practice. The student will be ready for grade two conservatory lessons, or to learn with any other types of lessons or private study.

Save Money! Typically music lessons cost $20 to $35 for a half hour in a studio plus registration fees. You also have the cost of required music books and the gas to drive to and from the lessons.

This program provides you with two years worth of private, in-home instruction. We could charge easily $900 for this course and still be saving you a lot of money over the cost of private lessons. But we won't! You will not even pay $750 $600 $450 $200 for this amazing course. In fact, it will cost you less than the cost of eight lessons somewhere else!

Here is what the Joy•Notes in Action Home Study Music Course includes:

Joy•Notes Primer - this workbook text introduces the keyboard and note values, and prepares the student for note reading.

Joy•Notes Book 1 - introduces note reading, basic musical notation, and key positions using the 5 note patterns.

Joy•Notes Book 2 - expands the vocabulary of musical notation, and builds on musical skills with the 8 note patterns.

Joy•Notes Curriculum Guide - easy enough for even the musically challenged to understand but impressive enough for the skilled musician to appreciate!

Teaching Guide on CDs - Joyce Piper covers each concept in the course on two CDs (She takes you by the hand!)

Joy•Notes Patterns - specially designed 5 note pattern cards, keyboard staff templates, and 8 note pattern cards.

Click here for more information about these items.

Please note: You will need the following items in order to use this program. They are not included when you purchase the Home Study Program
• A lesson book or scribbler to list practise requirements and to draw the written exercises of the course.
• A piano or keyboard.
• A CD player.

Option 1:
Joy•Notes Music Complete Home Study Program

Includes one each of the Primer, Book 1, Book 2, Curriculum Guide, two Teaching Guide CDs, and a complete set of Joy Notes Pattern Cards and templates.

Only $149.97USD +shipping (and 5% GST in Canada)

Option 2:
Joy•Notes Music Complete Home Study Program and Extra Student Set

Contains everything included in Option 1. It also includes an extra Primer, Book 1, Book 2, and Keyboard Staff Template.

Only $199.97USD +shipping (and 5% GST in Canada)

Option 3:
If you wish to purchase more than one complete program or need extra student sets, please click here.
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