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Joy Notes Music - The phonics of music
Joy•Notes in Action effectively introduces students to the patterns and sequences of music.
What is Joy•Notes?

  1. A set of tools to help those who wish to understand the musical language and assure them that music is not just for the naturally talented.
2. Visual patterns for a quick and effective identification of this new language
3. A unique insight into solving problems of time and note reading
4. Patterns to understand key and chord relationships  

What can Joy• Notes do for me?

• Integrate skill, understanding, confidence and enjoyment
• Develop visual concepts to unravel the mysteries of key signatures, fingerings, time and sequence!

What are the goals of the Joy•Notes Music Program?

• To blend opportunity and discipline
• To teach music as a language
• To integrate enjoyment, understanding, skill, and confidence
• To provide insight into the fascinating patterns of music
• To play hands together by sight

Joy•Notes' founder, Joyce Piper, believes that the world of music is within the reach of anyone who desires it. This course delivers the tools to discover and achieve musicianship.

Home educators have been successfully teaching the fundamentals of reading and mathematics for years. Whether you home school or not, Joy•Notes in Action enables a similarly solid introduction to music.

The musical language skills gained through the Joy•Notes course provide the foundation for all instruments, including the voice. The ability to read and understand the musical language opens up a rewarding and beautiful appreciation for God's gift of music.

Joy•Notes Music in Action
Home Study Course Content

The Joy•Notes course covers approximately two years worth of instruction, and includes the following materials:

Joy•Notes Primer
this workbook text introduces the keyboard and note values, and prepares the student for note reading.

Joy•Notes Book 1
introduces note reading, basic musical notation, and key positions using the 5 note patterns.

Joy•Notes Book 2
expands the vocabulary of musical notation, and builds on musical skills with the 8 note patterns.

Joy•Notes Curriculum Guide
this text, when used with the CDs described below, provides the parent/teacher with the guidance necessary to successfully work through the Joy Notes course.

Teaching Guide on CD
an easy-to-use guide (2 CDs) to each concept in the course, by Joyce Piper.

Joy•Notes Patterns
5 note pattern cards, keyboard staff templates, and 8 note pattern cards.
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