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Joy Notes Music - Sample Pages
Joy•Notes in Action Home Study Program
effectively introduces students to the patterns and sequences of music.

JoyNotes Primer - this workbook text introduces the keyboard and note values, and prepares the student for note reading.

Sample of Page 8

sample page from Joy Notes Primer

JoyNotes Book 1 - introduces note reading, basic musical notation, and key positions using the 5 note patterns.

Sample of Page 16

Sample from Joy Notes Book 1

JoyNotes Book 2 - expands the vocabulary of musical notation, and builds on musical skills with the 8 note patterns.

Sample of Page 10

Sample from Joy Notes Book 2

Teaching Guide on CD - an easy-to-use guide (2 CDs) to each concept in the course, by Joyce Piper. These sample clips are in MP3 format. You will need an MP3 player such as RealPlayer 7 or WinAmp to listen to these samples.

Sample Audio of Introduction
to using the CD

MP3 file (331K) Real Audio file (129K)

Sample Audio for Page 19
of the Joy Notes Primer

MP3 file (316K) Real Audio file (136K)

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